Nicola Tesla is arguably one of the most prolific and mysterious scientists the world has ever seen. His concepts were often stolen and patented by others, and radical entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk have taken the oil oligarchs on with the first mass produced electric car, the Tesla, almost 100 years after the oil and war pigs monopolized the oil and car business.  Much of Nicola's inventions, over 700 patents in all, were usurped by secret government agents and competitors who stole his ideas and distorted the original intent for humanity's benefit into one for  destructive weaponry. Much of his work in wireless electricity and communications was deliberately stolen and used in secret military initiatives. Much new info has come to light in recent times. His main research in healing involved earth frequencies and Schumann Resonance research on the pulse of the earth and its relationship to the pulse in our brain.It is not our aim to educate or inform everyone on Rife or Tesla, yet we simply believe these 2 individual scientists as well as numerous others have proven these concepts to work and effectively correct imbalances in the various circulatory systems of the body and mind. One of Tesla's healing inventions was the Violet Ray, which Edgar Cayce spoke of 900 times in his health readings.

It is not the aim of this site to get into details on Tesla OR Rife and their huge contributions to healing technologies..this is well represented online. However, it is important to note that even the laws of physics are now in some question as science is discovering many variations on what is actually going on in the Universe....or shall we call it a multiverse perhaps?? :)

Perhaps the powers of the mind are about to be challenged by new cosmic energies first prophesied long ago but now verified and substantiated by NASA. Perhaps the evolutionary leaps in consciousness the human race is about to experience through DNA upgrades, are being hampered and deliberately sabotaged by several highly advanced technologies, including but NOT limited to, aluminum, barium and strontium  chemtrails and lithium aireosol dispensation, genetically modified food elements sometimes referred to as Frankenfoods, ELF mind manipulation through microwave ~ GEN towers ~ EMF frequencies, poisons on our land through Monsanto's glyphosate and the subsequent poisoning of the human race genetically through DNA pollution deliberately introduced through 'some' vaccines, and poisoning all the land, and all the water through mineral extraction meant to rape our planet. . Are we there yet?

This is exactly why we are now about to go mainstream with the most radical information on taking better care of yourself and your health. Simply because your government has been lying to you forever, your children and grandchildren's health, sanity and lives are at huge risk, pharmaceutical companies own the doctors, and if you try to break out of the mold then just google 'dead naturopathic doctors gcmaf' and you'll get a dose of realism that may initially ''shock and awe'' you, but you'll soon see the corruption that is killing people at home is rampant. And it is up to YOU and ME to change that and say " NOT in my NAME".

It is time, for real AND natural human beings to stand up and resist this alien foreign invasion of ideas which makes TRUTH, and your personal expression of TRUTH  ... ILLEGAL. And that dear friends, IS NOT GOOD. TIME, for the GREAT AWAKENING of TRUTH. Thank you for reading this and participating in this journey.   :)  Please send us a note in the contact section, we love to hear from you and your support!

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Royal Raymond Rife:

Nicola Tesla:

Royal Raymond Rife was an inventor scientist who invented the first microscope to see live cancer cells in the early 1900's.. This technology is still current and being used today. He then proceeded to invent a radio frequency generator with which he isolated all resonant frequencies for cells and organs in the body, which then cured cancer 100% in 16 terminal patients in 1933, after which the medical mafia destroyed his work and life. Plenty of info available to those who want to know. The short video clip to the right is one of the earliest known examples of a live cancer cell imploding due to resonant frequencies. The second 'green' clip is a more recent example of a repeated successful implosion of bacteria. As one can easily see how great the need for total detox of the body is necessary to completely eliminate dead toxins and bacteria. The third clip on the right is another example of bacteria being 'electrocuted' by mili-voltage technology which 'zaps' the organism. I personally use Rife technology almost daily to stay healthy.Rife technologies are now affordable through I do not sell or receive commissions. Yet there is a learning curve so we extend ourselves to help people understand the technology and teach them the basics of how to use it through workshops and seminars.