The final in this series of videos is by Grace Gough, Cult Activist, great grandmother and former JW. Grace was highly active when her health permitted, helping over 700 ex JW's  come thru the "Cult Awareness and Abuse Recovery" support group system long before the days of the internet.

This next video interview with spiritual abuse survivor and Therapist Lee Marsh (formerly Hardiman) ,  is an excellent counseling aide for those who wish to understand the inside workings of family life, marital life and spiritual abuse symptoms that can help anyone to deal with these complex family type situations.

Hello and welcome to the Ex-JW Therapy page! Here is where you will find several important interview tapes which were recorded many years ago. Often I/we would travel far and wide, just to record someone's personal experiences for mainly counseling and healing purposes. In the process of serving and  helping others we also heal ourselves. Eventually for my own purposes I began to pull away from the support group system, mainly because some radical fundamentalists decided it was time to infiltrate the group and shove their interpretive version of their god around for a while. Which really doesn't work in counseling and therapy. The last thing in the world any former cult member needs is a new god in that moment in time... usually lots of unconditional Love, forgiveness and understanding is a really good start. Which is really what its all about from day One anyway.

So I decided to release these on the web free. None of this work was ever funded by anyone other than the intent to help and be of service, out of my own pocket.  If you happen to feel benefited and would like to donate to further volunteer work in bringing justice to silent voices everywhere, please do with the "DONATE" button  you will find at the bottom of this page. The masters ended up damaged and thanks to Lee Marsh I was able to recover the content without damage. Thank you Lee!  Simply because the information can and could be very helpful to anyone needing to comprehend what the mind of a Jehovah's Witness perceives in terms of spiritual understanding.

The first video is by Professor Emeritus M. James Penton. He was a 4th generation Jehovahs' Witness when his academic research as a Prof. of Religious History, butted up against rigid Watchtower doctrines. James Penton was highly instrumental in my coming out of the Jehovah's Witnesses, and I highly regard him as a dear friend, teacher, mentor and surrogate father:

(PLEASE keep in mind these tapes were 20 years old and are not perfect by todays' standards. YET the value of their content in sharing knowledge and understanding priceless. Thank you )

Thank You!

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‚ÄčThank you for visiting this Ex-JW Therapy page. We hope you found the information presented here of benefit. Ive personally traveled and produced many clips for years, never asked for donations or secured any funding for expensive post production work. Even though I worked in the video production industry for many years, I eventually ran out favors by friends and funded everything myself. This led to spiritual exhaustion as Im sure many of do activism in this line of thinking have experienced. Asking for money even for a video tape brought accusations of 'youre trying to make money off other's spiritual abuse experiences'. So I stopped asking and eventually had to earn a living by producing some corporate work.

IF you feel this information and these videos have been of some benefit, please consider donating towards our ongoing struggle to provide social justice and knowledge based information to help others in freeing their minds and healing from various abuses.

Thank you and may you be blessed beyond compare!