Andreas Kohl is an independent researcher, filmmaker, teacher and healer using unconventional quantum yet scientifically proven technologies. With 5 years in full-time ministry and as a co-founding member of "Cult Awareness and Abuse Recovery", he has counseled many people leaving oppressive cults. His healing and teaching work was recognized in the indigenous community while immersed in learning the spiritual & medicine ways of the Mohawk Indians, and shared alternative, experimental and complementary medicine information with elders, grandmothers and medicine people. After interviewing world famous anti-GMO scientist Dr Arpad Pusztai in 2009, his activism now extends into the organic, non-GMO, and chemical free organic, biodynamic and raw milk farmers of North America. His professional communications, marketing, and documentary work has been used by various industries and organizations for 30 years.


Andreas was born and raised a Jehovah's Witness in Berlin Germany, and after 5 years in full-time ministry in Canada, left the Watchtower organization in 1985 due to a crisis of conscience and doctrine. Combining his research into mind control cults with his work in documentaries, he has spoken at Bible Research & Commentary International conferences in Chicago, Atlanta and Waterloo Ontario... and he facilitated a crisis hotline for former cult members for 10 years. C.A.A.R. did initial counseling to hundreds of spiritual abuse survivors of Watchtower mind control. Andrew has also guest-lectured on Spirituality vs. Religion at the Mohawk Polytechnic Institute, Six Nations Indian Reserve near Brantford, Ontario. As a recent cancer survivor, his focus is now on healing naturally and sharing his knowledge, metaphysical insights and experience.

Andreas shares his dramatic and captivating life story: being born and raised as a devout believer in the Watchtower Church, researching and discovering hidden truths and falacies about the organization, suffering the resulting expulsion from the church and ex-communication from friends and family,  experiencing the ups and downs of party life, corporate success and addictions. Ultimately he found peace, redemption and healing through his journey of film-making, counseling and nutritional alternatives to chemically based modern medicine. Spiritual values, a very personal connection to the Creator and various multidisciplinary teachings all contribute to understanding the work of the Great Spirit. With the help of interviewed therapists, whistle-blowers, and fellow cult-survivors, Andreas now helps others understand and avoid the potential dangers of misguided and TOXIC faith, recovering from spiritually abusive crisis, both in aberrant religious cults and the medical mafia control system.

An Evening Presentation: A structured evening event, with plenty of video clips, discussion points and lots of time for Q&A . Potentially extendable into a full following day seminar/workshop event which can incorporate in-depth DIY demos, workshop excercises, classified interviews with world class doctors, scientists and self-awareness training for spiritual intervention in your family, and in dealing with any crisis in general. Emergency preparededness A to Z. Truth in media and information. Fasten your seatbelts. This presentation can easily be expanded with much additional information for a half or full day seminar, with video clips, and extensive discussion and Q & A.

This film is a template for a most timely discussion on how children are influenced today.  Mind control via fear indoctrination 101.
“THE MOORE TRAGEDY...Suicide or Murder?”   ~~(45 min. documentary, in-depth analysis and discussion)

An intimate and deeply thought provoking film and discussion about children in cults. Andreas weaves a string of personal anecdotes and references to his own life experience growing up in the Watchtower, with interviews and film clips of survivors, therapists and former deep insider whistle-blowers... to explore the mind of a child exposed to Jehovah's Witness fear indoctrination methods.This film is a disturbing insider look at teachings which poison childrens' minds with fear and can tend to create lifelong PTSD symptoms, with all too frequent tragic results.

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