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Exploring connections between Spirit,Mind, Body & Earth Frequencies

​​​​​​​​Andreas Kohl is available for Public Speaking Engagements on these topics, custom tailored from 20 minutes to one hour in length. Half and full day seminars and workshops get into greater detail on each topic. Video Production, documentary work and consultation on how to use RIFE frequency treatments in your life, is also listed below.

His intuitive experience in assessing and consulting on internal group issues, give him insight based on life experience as an organizational change agent, and to help forge your group's management objectives and organization's adventure into an unprecedented future, with confidence and positive energetic intentions.


Understanding the Cult Mind:    Ex~Jehovah's Witnesses, exit counseling & group mind.

Recognizing the signs of a loved one or family member who may be flirting with involvement in a cult, and what you can do to help them. Understanding indoctrination methods in aberrant belief systems, mind control and brainwashing techniques used in various religious, corporate, political and sports organizations and how to protect yourself from unwanted influence and subtle coercion. A ground-breaking work born from personal experience.  (20 to 60 minutes)

​Spiritual Leadership: From Mentorship to Ministry

We are all students of this journey called life, and also each other's teachers in its grand unfolding. Life presents us with plenty of opportunities to experience both. Spiritual Leadership is a process of ministering, teaching and most importantly, learning about and serving the needs of the collective group. Examples of spiritual leadership are plenty throughout history, and are lessons for us all,  in how to lead with compassion, empathy and Love and in a Spirit of mutual understanding and collective Wisdom.

The Light and Sound of God : Ancient and Modern
Our ancient ancestors often perceived the presence of God in nature, through the Earth's various extreme weather patterns and earth changes. Lightning and thunder were considered by many to be the 'voice of God'. This led to attributing human emotional projections of anger, jealousy and even hatred. Now we need to return to Love, and the One constant force of Good Will that needs to be practiced and exemplified, not only preached about with lip-service, but in our actions in everyday life. (20 to 60 minutes)

The Power of Love : Science, Physics and Spirituality
Virtually every religious and spiritual tradition tells us that God is Love, and unconditional Love is Divine in its spiritual purity and selfless intention in service to our fellow human beings. Now there is proof that the Power of Love has the power to heal our health, our lives, our families, our communities, even our planet. Understanding the difference between the dogma of accepted religious doctrines, often based on unquestioning obedience to corrupted historical authoritarian and political influences, and Truth based on personal and collective community spiritual experience. (20 to 60 minutes)

Bishop John Shelby Spong: A conversation about Truth and Miracles

An intimate and revealing interview with a progressive spiritual leader and new thinker, who challenges old myths and antiquated beliefs with new understanding and discernment. His book entitled: "Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism" had a profound effect on my personal spiritual journey, in appreciating the nuggets of wisdom gleaned from appreciating spiritual teaching without giving in to doctrinal biases and sectarian differences. A fresh and new perspective to move us into a future of Love and mutual understanding, instead of differences that separate and segregate us. (20 to 60 minutes)

Using Earth Frequencies for Wellness:   Improve your quality of life and reduce pain.

Nicola Tesla first hypothesized the Earth has its own resonant frequency of 7.83 Hz and soon it was realized that the human brain also functions most efficiently at the same frequency. Royal Raymond Rife then proved that applied resonant frequencies can cure cancerand correct virtually every imbalance in the body and mind. This exploration into the past, present and future of energy medicine will open yourmind to a world of self-empowering possibilities and inexpensive self care for your family's wellness. (20 to 60 minutes)

(Any of the above topics can be developed into a half or full day seminar, complete with documentary video clips, technology demonstrations, interviews with leading experts in their respective fields, and testimonies from users and experiencers.)

Nutritional Therapies for Wellness without chemicals.  

 (Best covered in a 3-4 hr seminar/workshop. Andreas only speaks about what he has learned based on first hand knowledge bases on first hand experience.  A potluck could make it a full day Event.)

Including, but not limited to:
Electromagnetic Pulsed Field Therapy (EMPF)

OZONE THERAPY: Ozonated water for cleansing and detox
H202 (hydrogen peroxide oxidative (oxygen) therapy)  
HIGH POTENCY Liposomal Vitamin C therapy   (learn how to make your own)
Therapeutic Essential Oils for healing. (The recipe for the secret healing and anointing oil in the Bible)
Gerson Juicing Therapy  (Raw apple, carrot and beet juice, with touch of ginger and garlic)
Colloidal Silver  A natural antibiotic known for hundreds of years before pennecillin. (learn how to make your own)
Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)  for pain control, reduce inflammation & edema, speed-heal bones-muscles. A natural product of trees.
Sprouting  (Raw foods)
Sodium Bicarbonate / Maple Syrup
Budwig Therapy ~ Cottage cheese/Flax oil, homemade Kefir from Raw milk blended with Hemp oil. (Budwig supercharged)
MSM organic sulphur  
Cannabis Oil, Tincture & Herb for Cancer, Epilepsy, Brain Tumors and much more...discover the secrets of the tree of life..

Many of these are beneficial for pain control, and also in assisting the body to return to a natural state of homeostasis naturally, and with nutritional assistance, boosting the immune system to encourage and help the body to heal itself.

RIFE Frequency Therapy  can be highly effective for many afflictions, including but not limited to cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain and many others. Over 5800 frequency protocols are programmed into the software, for killing pathogens, viruses and bacteria, detoxing and healing. There is a bit of a learning curve and we are working on workshop material to demystify the process of learning, and taking full personal responsibility to our own path to wellness and wholeness. While there are many RIFE machines available, we prefer the easy use and low cost non-profit developers at:  www.spooky2.com
The software is free and the technology very inexpensive.  I know, the somewhat unusual name made me hesitate originally. It was Albert Einstein who coined the phrase " Spooky action at a distance", in reference to non-local affiliation between particles and waves in different parts of the cosmos being instantly connected. When you use the DNA remote function, you get to experience the potential of TRUE non-local QUANTUM medicine. Learn about it here. We can teach you how to use this technology to your personal benefit, based on our personal experience)

Public Speaking Fees begin at $300 for up to 1 hour and 50 klm travel.  $2 per klm additional travel costs. 

Personal Consultations by phone or skype $50 per hr.  or in person: $75 per hr.

Each topic can be  expanded into a half day or full day  seminar / workshop cost on request. Please contact us ! :) Thank you.

Independent Video and Documentary Production:

30+ years of corporate marketing and promotional experience in virtually every industry since 1989 gives Andreas the edge as a seasoned and experienced producer, and the voice of experience in dealing with all aspects of production. He uses his intuition as well as NLP techniques in how to appeal to the minds of viewers, carefully crafting script out of interviews with a stream of consciousness which comes only with experience.  He eloquently makes a case for a convincing narrative on whatever cause he has pursued, whether NON_GMO activism,  Sovereign MOHAWK Native activism, or cult mind control awareness activism with former followers of cultic organizations.  Andreas is a most captivating storyteller. Check out the "Wave of Change" Trailer linked to the left. :)

FEES vary depending on complexity and detail of production concept of the project, and can range from several hundred dollars for simple coverage, to six figure projects spanning 18-24 months. Individual assessment of specific needs is imperative to proper costing on individual  project-specific terms.

Some of his past corporate work can be seen at  youtube.com/THECORPORATEMYSTIC

Some of the March against Monsanto and non-GMO activism work can be seen at  youtube.com/GMOFREEZONE

Occasional Creative Arts Projects can be seen at: youtube.com/COSMICTOPICS

A few favorite clips of my past work:

Andreas Kohl

Rife  ~  Tesla